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Looking after your new tattoo is the most important part of your procedure, you've just spent all that time waiting to get the tattoo, sitting in the chair for hours getting it done and now its time to look after it.

Its important to  follow my aftercare advise for my style of tattooing, I understand you may of had tattoos in the past and was advised differently, but I assure you this is the best method to heal my tattoos.

Straight After Your Procedure

EAT and Drink water! Very important to get your body fed and hydrated straight after your tattoo.

Day 1 to 5

Just chill out and enjoy looking at your tattoo through the second skin layer I have applied.

It may fill up with a little bit of ink, get a little itchy but its all good, keep enjoying the process.

Only remove the second skin if you are getting signs of a rash, irritation or infection , this is evident by red dots appearing next to the second skin, pain, heat and fluid seeping out the side of the 2nd skin.

If this happens message me straight away and I will advise the next steps.

Day 6

Remove the second skin layer in the shower under warm water, once removed give your tattoo a good wash with anti bacterial wash . If there is sticky residue left over from the second skin don't pick it off, let it come off naturally over the coming days.

Pat Dry with a fresh towel and let your tattoo dry out overnight.

Day 6 to 14

 Wash once a day with the anti bacterial wash and apply a small amount of aftercare ointment provided. 

Alternatively you can use a small amount of coconut Oil / Coconut butter or Shea Butter only when your skin has that dehydrated feeling.

You want your skin to feel hydrated but not dripping in Oil.

Always wash your hands before/after applying the Aftercare.

Your hands have these little assholes called Bacteria that love to f#!k up fresh tattoos, so wash ya hands!!

Should your tattoo have any spots that look irritated, apply a small 

amount of the Betadine cream twice daily until it clears.

Do not use Bepanthen.

Day 14 on-wards

Your tattoo should have now gone through all its initial healing stages, these are

- Light peeling of the skin

- Itchiness

So you may resume normal person hygiene and apply moisturizer whenever you like.

Things to avoid for 2 weeks:

- Animal Fur (high infection rate)

- Direct Sunlight, swimming or bathing in any water (showering is fine), rolling around in the dirt like your would after a few too many Bundy's at the Deni Ute Muster etc.

- Cross Contamination  EG Someone touching your fresh tattoo, leaning on dirty surfaces

- Tight clothing (2 weeks) , Make sure your clothes are loose fitting.

  Should your tattoo stick to your clothes please wet down the fabric thoroughly before attempting to separate, otherwise you may take some of your new tattoo with the fabric.

- Body Fluids on the fresh tattoo (ewww lol)

Things to look out for:

- Severe Redness, Burning , Rash, Ingrown Hairs.

- Yellow plasma (yellow substance that your body produces when it is infected)

- Extreme Swelling

- Your skin feel extremely uncomfortable

If any of this occurs please contact me IMMEDIATELY and I will advise what to do.

How to Help your tattoo heal perfectly

- Eat Healthy

- Drinks lots of water

- Follow the aftercare advice

- Avoid Cross Contamination


Remember aftercare is all on you so look after your new tattoo!!

Much Love

Bex xoxoox

Fresh tattoo vs a healed tattoos comparision
fresh vs healed tattoo comparison


fresh vs healed tattoo comparison
fresh vs healed tattoo comparison


fresh vs healed tattoo comparison
fresh vs healed tattoo comparison


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