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For a smooth process please email the following info:

Bookings Open
July to Dec 2023

1. Full name 

2. Contact number 

3. Tattoo idea

4. Placement

5. Rough size 

6. Clear photo of the area to be tattooed

7. Any Reference Images you may have saved (link to a pintrest board is also ok)

8. Do you want color? 

9. Do you have any specific dates your wanting to book?

(bec works every tues, wed, fri & every 2nd sat)

Please also note if you have any existing medical issues that may affect your tattoo procedure or healing process.

Please allow time for your email request to be viewed, we will get back to you as soon as possible .

Please ensure you read the FAQ Page to understand the tattoo and booking process, by sending us an email you understand the terms and conditions of making a booking.

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