I N  T H E  K N O W



How do I go about booking with you?

Send through a booking inquiry on the next page or through any of her social media accounts.

At this stage Bec has a large wait list so your name will automatically be added to this list, as soon as your name comes u she will make contact and chat about your tattoo ideas.

We will provide a quote and you will be offered available dates for your preferred month.

Please respect Bex works closely with her guides and needs to feel the energy of your tattoo, so if for any reason you receive a reply saying it isnt something Bex feels she can do for you, please know it is coming from a loving place.


Can we have a face to face consult to discuss my idea once I am booked?

Yes most definitely , this can be done at the studio in Stawell or alternatively we can do a consult via text if you can not travel.

As Bec has been tattooing for many years she can get a really good idea of your tattoo ideas by having an online consultation, so its not imperative that you do a face to face consultation. 


Can you tattoo a design you have already done?

All tattoos are custom designed for each client and replication is not possible, she can however use a prior tattoo as inspiration.

Can you tattoo a design I drew or my friend drew?

Yes, she will not directly replicate a design but can use it as inspiration.


When Do I get to see the draw up?

 Bec does draw ups on a weekly basis, so expect to receive it 1 to 2 days prior to your appointment .

More info on the drawup process below.

Do you do cover ups or reworks of old tattoos?

On occasion Bex will do a cover up/rework , this is a specialized skill and not every tattoo will be able to be reworked or covered. Feel free to send through images of what you are thinking of covering and she can assess what’s possible.


Is there anything you don't tattoo?

 No generic or copied tattoos & no tattoos that have been done before.

No offensive, racist, or discriminatory tattoos.

What days of the week does Bex tattoo?

Tuesday to Saturday


I heard you do Intuitive tattooing/ channeled markings, can you tell me more?

Bex is a intuitive healer and practicing energy shaman- as part of her gift she can create unique tattoos that come directly from your spirit guides, these markings may include sacred symbols and images. These tattoo bookings are more in depth and require prior healing and guidance - please click HERE for more info .



Do you require a booking fee?

Yes, to secure all  bookings a non-refundable $100 to 250 booking fee per session booked needs to be paid to secure the date. ( booking fee will vary depending on your type of booking )

This must be paid instantly upon booking via PAY PAL.

Booking fees are non refundable under any circumstance.

The booking fee comes off the total price of your tattoo on the day unless you have requested alterations to your booking (see below for more info) , cancelled within 7 days , or require a new drawup - in this instance your booking fee void and you will be required to pay a new booking fee.

What payment do you accept on the day of my booking?

Cash  or Eftpos (Card transactions attract a 2% surcharge)

Can I pre pay/lay-by for my tattoo?

Unfortunately we do not like to be responsible for large payments, so we do not offer a layby service.


What happens to my booking fee if I can’t make my appointment anymore?

 We understand that sometimes things happen in life that are out of your control so given more than 14 days notice we can transfer your booking to an alternative date (if any) or place you on the waiting list for a suitable month.

 Less than 7 days notice you will forfeit your booking fee and any additional payments you may of made .

Deposits are non refundable - no exceptions.


What happens ,if , on the day of our appointment I 'TAP' out (meaning you can’t go on)?

This is a very rare occurrence, You will still pay the full fee as per quote as Bec has booked your session in for that allocated time.

If you have a low pain tolerance or know you can’t get tattooed for extended periods of time we recommend you mention that in your initial inquiry so we can book you accordingly.


What happens if  Bec needs to reschedule or cancel our appointment?

It is very rare that this would happen, however sometimes life throws curve balls so in the unlikely event you will be offered a full refund or a change of your appointment date.

We recommend that if you are traveling and have booked flights/accommodation that they are exchangeable or refundable.

Bec will not be liable for any losses.

Can I numb my skin before our session?

Yes you are welcome to numb your skin should you choose, however there is only 1 numbing cream that we would recommend you use as it doesn't effect the process of tattooing or the healing of the tattoo - you can request this information upon making your booking.

We strongly recommend you follow manufacturers guidelines and instructions of use as we will not be liable for any adverse reactions you may have when using the product.

This numbing cream can last any where from 2 hours to 5 hours and can be reapplied during the tattoo process.

Always do a test patch prior to use.



What is your draw up process?

1. Bex will contact you to have a consultation (either via DM or face to face), during the consultation with Bex you will both discuss the concept for your piece; you can show her reference images you may of collected, talk about placement, sizing  etc. In this time Bec will give you her advise on what may look nice for your piece and chat further about design options.

2. The physical Draw up is completed before your booking (usually 1 to 2 days prior to your booking) and a concept drawing will be sent to you as soon as its complete. Sometimes it can be the night before so your patience is required during this time as its a process to create your tattoo drawing.

3. Should you wish to make changes to your draw up that is done on the DAY of your booking and will contribute to the overall time allocated. ON the very rare occasion that you require a full draw you will be charged a new draw up fee to cover Bex time.

4. You do not need to have a complete design as Bec does that for you.


What if I decide to do something different than what I originally sent her?

If you decide you would like something different please let us know asap as there may be a change in the quote or amount of sessions needed.

You can then discuss all your changes in full with Bex during your consult.


Do you send out a confirmation before my booking?

Yes, you will receive an email from us with your booking confirmation.

This will outline your booking, what to expect, parking options etc.


Will you tell me about tattoo aftercare?

Yes Bex explains in full about how to care for your tattoo and You can also view the aftercare info by clicking HERE


Do I need to take time off after the tattoo?

You may, depending on where you got tattooed, your occupation etc.

If you are worried feel free to mention it in your initial inquiry and discuss further in the consult.

You will not be able to swim, have a bath or soak in water, sun bake, do strenuous exercise, roll around in mud and all that fun stuff for at least  2 weeks as your skin needs to heal.

Is your aftercare Vegan/Cruelty free?

ABSOLUTELY! We would NEVER use anything that came from an animal - we use only VEGAN/CRUELTY FREE products :-)



I am traveling from interstate/distance, is there any info I should know?

We recommend if you are traveling from interstate that all accommodation and flights are interchangeable as a ‘just in case’ measure.

Bex will not be liable for any losses.

Most sessions start at 10.30am and finish  between 5 & 6pm..


Where is you studio located?

Bex works Full Time from her new studio in Stawell, Western VICTORIA which is an easy  2 hour drive from Melbourne Airport .

We are at the gateway to the Amazing Grampians National Park which has a stunning mountain range, lookouts, walks, hikes and Waterfalls.​


Is their accommodation near your studios?

Yes PLENTY…. there is everything from budget backpackers, air bnb, caravan parks, small motels & hotels

We recommend you look at accommodation in Halls Gap, which is a easy 20min drive from our studio.

Its at the base of the spectacular Grampians Mountain Range.

You could also find accommodation in Stawell, Great Western and Ararat.



Are the inks/products you use vegan friendly/cruelty free?

YES, EVERY Single item is VEGAN!!!! As Bec is vegan herself she would never use anything that is not animal friendly.

She also uses as many organic/natural/sustainable products as possible.


Have any other questions, feel free to write that in your booking submission.


Look forward to hearing from you soon